Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pet with me to the Campground?

Cats and Dogs only are allowed, but must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of pet waste properly.

Can I do laundry at the Campground?

Yes. We have washers and dryers available for use. We have soft water. Please do not overload automatic washers with soap. Small packages of soap and bleach are available at the Campground General Store.

I have never stayed at a campsite before - how does it work?

That is a very sweeping question, but the short answer is pretty much the same as other accommodation. Book your stay (the easiest way is on the campsite’s website), then just turn up on the day. Not complicated! Or you can just drive in and hope that it’s not fully booked. 

How do I know whether camping would suit me?

Hmm, this is a very subjective question. Not everyone feels comfortable about sleeping in a tent or in a caravan, sardine-style. But staying in a cabin is like living in a small house, and most can manage that without any problems. So we’re going to stick our neck out and say that everyone should try camping at least once! 

What should I take with me?

Camping staff will ensure that it’s warm and comfortable in the cabins, service buildings and all other indoor premises. Remember that you spend a lot of time outdoors when you’re camping, though. Check the weather forecast and pack your clothes according to the expected weather. A wind- and waterproof jacket, comfortable trousers and walking shoes are always good to have with you. If you’re staying on a campsite outside the summer season, don’t forget a fleece or woolly jumper, hat, gloves and wind- and waterproof trousers. 

Can I have guests visit me at the Campground?

Yes. However, if you intend on having guests visit you during your stay, these guests MUST register at the Campground Office before proceeding to your campsite. Guests will be required to provide their name, address and phone number. Guests are not permitted to stay overnight and must leave the campground by 10:00 PM. 

Can I ride a bicycle at the Campground?

Yes. Georgia law requires that bicycle riders 15 years of age and younger must wear a helmet when riding. 

Which season is best for camping?

That all depends on what you want. The summer will always be the most popular camping season, when you can soak up the rays and swim around the clock, but more and more people are discovering the charms of the great outdoors in the spring and autumn (and even the winter). Off-season is probably the best time for those who want peace and quiet, with the coast to yourself. Many people believe that seafood is at is best in the winter half of the year, since the sea is at its healthiest then. 

If I arrive after the reception has closed, what should I do?

If you have booked your cabin or camping pitch in advance, the camping staff will always ensure that you have access to your place even if you arrive after reception hours. Feel free to contact reception so that they know when you will arrive. 

What’s an RV?

RV stands for “recreational vehicle,” which basically translates to an enjoyment vehicle. So, yeah. Try not to have fun camping in one of these babies.

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